Coolmath Hole Mystery: Thread Summary

The Coolmath Games website, a popular online platform for educational and recreational games, recently became the center of an intriguing mystery. Users have discovered hidden messages and codes, sparking a flurry of theories and investigations. Here’s a detailed look into each aspect of this enigma.

1. Hidden Messages and Codes

A curious discovery was made when users clicked on a hole on the website’s homepage. This action led to binary codes that, when translated, revealed eerie messages. One such message read: “Hello? Can you hear me? I’m looking for someone. I hear strange noises. Please, help me.” This unexpected find has piqued the interest of many in the community.

One of the staff writers included this blow-by-blow account of the mystery.

2. Morse Code and Tab Labels

Further adding to the mystery, the website’s tab label contained Morse code. Upon translation, it read “I’m / lost.” This subtle yet intriguing detail has led users to speculate about the deeper meaning behind these cryptic messages.

Reddit Thread submission from @WaterCorn054683

3. Glitched Words and Source Code

Users also reported finding glitched words hidden behind error messages. The source code of the website added to the mystery with phrases like “forbidden” and “where am I,” suggesting a hidden narrative or secret waiting to be uncovered.

4. Language Change Trick

A unique trick involving changing the website’s language settings revealed more clues. When users switched the language to Spanish and then back to English, and then inspected a new hole, they found a message stating ‘alt= ARG,’ indicating a possible Alternate Reality Game.

5. FNAF Vibes and Game Theories

The discovery drew comparisons to the popular horror game series Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF). Some users suggested that game theorist MatPat should explore this topic, given its similarities to the cryptic storytelling style found in FNAF.

6. Different Interpretations of Binary Codes

The binary codes led to various interpretations. While some users found standard messages, others reported different, sometimes conflicting translations, adding layers to the already deepening mystery.

7. Halloween Connection

The timing of the discovery led some to speculate a connection to Halloween. This theory was supported by the labeling of the glitched ghost as a Halloween error ghost, suggesting that the mystery might be part of a seasonal event.

8. Coordinates and Polybius Square Deciphering

In an attempt to decipher the numbers in the website’s URL, users employed methods like the Polybius square. Some suggested these numbers could be coordinates, while others believed they spelled out “I’m lost.”

9. Game Theories and Investigations

The thread was abuzz with users sharing their theories and investigative findings. Discussions ranged from inspecting game codes to debating potential connections between this mystery and other games or events.

Mystery Solved

Eventually it was revealed that it was all linked to a new and mysterious game on Coolmath Games with the following URL:

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